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What your neighbors

 are saying...

Listen to THIS!

I have to say that the technology, approach and implementation that the Milostan's use is truly refreshing in a doctor's office.  They are willing to give more of their time to be thorough.  Hard to find in these days of little doctor- patient relationships.

Lisa M.

ER Nurse

I was suspect of going on the  stomach acid for acid re flux by Dr. Mary.  My stomach was hurting as it was.  More acid?  But thankfully I took the leap.  So much less bloating, re flux and digestive issues!  We have since added just a couple other elements to the protocol, and I feel great for the first time in years.

Mary F.


Dr. Peter has helped immensely with a shoulder problem I've had for years from wrestling.  In just a few adjustments, I knew we were onto the issue finally.  The therapies that they offer are also things that I have not encountered at the many places I have been for the same issue. 

Jeremy M.


My son has had problems with his feet since birth. Only 2 months ago, my mother brought him to see Dr. Peter on a hunch that he could help us. For the first time in 8 years my son walks with almost NO PAIN - he barely limps at all! After all the doctors we've seen not one was able to accomplish what Dr. Peter did. We are very happily surprised and very thankful!

J.H.'s Mom

For 10 years I have had chronic right hip and back pain. Dr. Mary recommended a heel lift be put in my left shoe... AND, the pain is gone!


I had been on thyroid medicine for 17 years. After coming to Milostan/Greater Health and consulting with both Drs. Peter and Mary regarding my thyroid and hormonal conditions, I have now been off Synthroid since last February. I have energy without taking a single synthetic hormone. I have been taking hormone balancing supplements from Dr. Mary and even though I am nearing the end of menopause, I sleep great, do not have night sweats and hot flashes are almost non-existent.