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Rife Machine Technology

Dr. Royal Rife was a Research Scientist for John Hopkins in the 1930's. One of his research projects involved the destruction of cell walls using high radio frequencies with corresponding square and Sine waves.

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All existing molecules have their own frequency rates, and when a molecule meets a frequency of the same, but opposite rate, the molecule will spin off it's axis and shatter. The same phenomenon that occurs when an opera singer shatters a glass.

Dr. Rife was very successful in helping decrease the effects of many disease patterns with this machine, which he constantly improved upon. The machine used in our office is based on the last one Dr. Rife made, with improvements using modern technologies.

Our 4th Group Rife Therapy Session is coming up! 

We are doing a Liver and Kidney Detox along with other primary parasites! Rife therapy is non-invasive & uses radio frequencies to help your liver release toxins.

Sounds like fun? Join us! 

$25 per person for the 30-40 minute session. The price normally runs $35-$50 per session.

Contact us for more information!