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I have to say that the technology, approach and implementation that the Milostan's use is truly refreshing in a doctor's office.  They are willing to give of their time to be thorough.  Hard to find in these days of little doctor- patient relationships.

Lisa Mortis

ER Nurse

I was suspect of going on the  stomach acid for acid re flux by Dr. Mary.  My stomach was hurting as it was.  More acid?  But thankfully I took the leap.  So much less bloating, re flux and digestive issues!  We have since added just a couple other elements to the protocol, and I feel great for the first time in years.

Mary F.


Dr. Peter has helped immensely with a shoulder problem I've had for years from wrestling.  In just a few adjustments, I knew we were onto the issue finally.  The therapies that they offer are also things that I have not encountered at the many places I have been fo the same issue. 

Jeremy M.


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