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The following is a short explanation of the services we provide at our clinic.  if you would like more in-depth information on these therapies, please contact our office. Know that we are always looking for the newest and most effective therapies and technologies available to help our patients thrive, not just survive, because HEALTH is the greatest  WEALTH.


We at Milostan Greater Health pride ourselves on taking the time necessary to meet the need of each patient.  You will not rushed but will receive the care needed for a positive response.  Drs. Peter and Mary, brother and sister  have  collectively 56 years of experience and continue to incorporate new care techniques including Sciatic nerve care, Arm and h=Hand numbness, Extremity Adjusting and Headache care.

Massage Therapy

With two excellent, experienced therapists on board, we are sure to meet the massage expectations of our patients.  We encourage giving feedback at the time of massage as well as afterward to make sure you receive the massage that best suits you.  


At Greater Health we use medical-grade whole food supplements.  We also utilize  bovine and porcine Glandulars in our protocols, which are rarely consumed in our diets and are very nutrient dense.  These help feed the glands of the body to help fully function at an optimal level.  

Digestion Support

Digestion issues in our culture is a very prominent problem.  At this clinic, we focus on healing the digestive linings, not pushing down the symptoms of reflux, constipation, diarrhea and IBS.  Healing takes time, however the results affect the quality of life, for the rest of your life.

Sign up in the clinic or call for dates and times of the next Digestive Seminar.  You will NOT be disappointed with what you learn!  Bring your spouse, friend or family members.

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Hormone Re-balancing

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks.  Heavy, irregular and painful cycles.  These are just a few of the symptoms of glandular dysfunction.   And it is not regulated to just women.  Let us help take the edge off  and give you back the life you were meant to live.  Utilizing Saliva testing, Blood work  and Symptomatology, we can help regulate this hard to navigate world of hormones.  Look for the Hormone Seminar sign up sheet in the clinic or call for dates and times.  

Let us help.

Radio Frequency 


This exciting therapy has been around years and with new advancements in technology, the results are amazing.  Utilizing a Rife machine invented originally by Dr. Royal Rife, a researcher out of Johns Hopkins in the 30's,  this machine produces radio frequencies that actually shatters harmful molecules.  We are finding it to be very  effective against many diseases, including Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Allergies, Shingles and much, much more.  We have a very large catalog full of specific frequencies to help with most  health issues.  Ask us if it can help your issues!

Vibration Plate Therapy

NASA invented this therapy due to the loss of bone density, strength and loss of lymph drainage that resulted in inflammation in the astronauts.  We  have found this therapy be to highly effective for increasing bone density, increasing strength quickly for patients with limited movement or injury, and reducing swelling.  It is especially helpful for patients that have had acute injuries, such as falls.  The sooner on the plate, the faster relief and healing time.  Great for athletes!

Custom Orthodics

We use the biggest, highest quality orthotics in the industry.  Foot Levelers has custom fit orthotics for famous athletes for heel strike correction to over-pronation.  Now available to you!  We have many different styles that will accomodate high heels to heavy work boots to wool inserts for the winter.  We even carry flip flops that can handle a heel lift in one if needed!


One of our most popular therapies. Neurostim uses the opposite current of a Tens unit.  Therefore, instead of stimulating nerve endings to disguise pain, the current in Neurostim actually pushes inflammation and lactic acid out of the area involved.  This stimulation also reduces spasm and can detectaccupuncture points that can also be stimulated for relief.  Tis therapy can give the patient a "head start" in the reduction of inflammation and spasm while their own systems engage in the anti-inflammation process.  Immediate relief and increased range of motion!

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