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*Our doctors are available to speak at your event. Please contact our staff.*

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To register for a class, contact our Commerce office at:

248.360.4333 or email us at: [email protected]

*All seminars are held at the Greater Health clinic in Commerce and begin at 7pm. 

Class size is limited to 14 people. There is $15 fee payable in advance to reserve a seat. 

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Presented by Dr. Pete

This presentation covers how the digestive system works, how the gut should be, and what causes many of the dysfunctions so prevalent today. Acid reflux, Gerd, IBS, Constipation and Pain ‚Äčare just the start of what can go wrong if the gut remains unhealed. Medications will be covered as well as natural alternatives that really work and are actually what the body is calling for.


Female Hormones 101

Presented by: Dr. Mary

Confused by the Hormone world? Should you use hormone replacement therapy? Is it safe? Natural or synthetic? Why do I have migraines/cramping/clotting/anger/depression

irregular periods/hot flashes/weight gain/acne? 

These are just a few of the questions women ask themselves and their doctors, yet they still suffer. Learn how your Endocrine System works, what causes the symptoms you're experiencing, and what the body is calling for to balance it again - naturally. Find the clear answers and options you've been looking for.