Our staff has been called to serve our patients.  We make sure efforts are made to gain your highest confidence and provide the comfort and pain relief needed to heal.  If you have any questions at all, we encourage you to voice them to any staff member.  It is our duty to help find you the answers to your questions. 

Ou‚Äčr Team

Continually striving to be the BEST.

Dr. Mary Coe


Dr. Mary Coe also graduated from Life Chiropractic University.   She utilizes Bio-Mechanics to address pain due to scoliosis and loss of normal cervical curvature.  Dr.  Coe also uses soft tissue techniques and is a proponent of Neuro-Stim for immediate pain relief.  Hormone Support for women has been an area of great interest for her, and she utilizes herbal and glandular  products to help ease feminine issues.

Dr. Peter Milostan


Dr. Peter Milostan graduated from Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, GA. He specializes in extremity adjusting including feet, shoulders and knees, as well as handling acute, difficult - to - respond issues such as low back pain with sciatic and groin pain, to neck pain with headaches and arm pain and numbness. Addressing these issues with hours of study in Trigger Point Therapy and Nuero-Lymphatic Drainage leads to fast response times.


Office Manager

Vickie is the go-to gal in our busy office.  Responsible for billing, patient questions and insurance verification, this is just the tip of what this invaluable member does for our office!   To decompress, Vickie practices what we preach and plays league volleyball, goes to water aerobics, cross country skis, hunts and water skis. 


Patient Relations / Technician

Letty has been a great addition to our staff and is invaluable.  Always happy and at the ready with a smile, she helps others and is quick to get questions answered.  Not only does Letty work the front desk scheduling and grabbing phones, she also is in the therapy room helping people with traction, runs x-rays and  other therapies and gives informed answers to patient's questions concerning supplements  and care.  


Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Roland is  the man.  This gentle giant gives massages that melt stress or  works out the toughest knots.  He has been with us over six years and patients love him.  Knowledgeable in multiple techniques, he has one in his tool kit for everyone.  Give him a try and see for yourself!

Our Team

Continually striving to stay the BEST.

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Front Desk Personnel